RAW Results: May 16, 2022
RAW Results: May 16, 2022   May 17th, 2022

WWE United States Champion Theory makes his way to the ring. He’ll face Mustafa Ali next.

Mustafa Ali gets in the ring, but Theory gets out. Theory says he cannot go through with this match unless he has someone in the ring that can be trusted to call it right down the middle. Theory says the Special Guest Referee will be The Miz!

The Miz makes his entrance in a referee’s shirt. The Miz kicks the original referee out. Theory says something is still off. It’s not fair for Ali to face the champion. Theory reminds Ali of a saying Mr. McMahon taught him, which is to expect the unexpected. Ali has to prove himself against Veer Mahaan!

Veer Mahaan w/ Theory vs. Mustafa Ali
Special Guest Referee: The Miz

The Miz calls for the bell to start the match. Ali immediately attacks Veer with a pair of dropkicks. Ali hits the ropes, but Veer absolutely wipes him out with a Lou Thesz avalanche. Veer puts Ali in the corner, but Ali flips over him and chops the chest. Miz steps in front of him for no reason and disciplines him. Veer big boots Ali down. Veer sends Ali into the ropes for a flapjack. Veer stomps him before dropping a big elbow. Veer presses Ali over his head, but Ali slides off and superkicks him twice. Ali hits the ropes, but Theory sweeps the feet. Ali argues with The Miz over the officiating. Ali sidesteps Veer, and Veer flies out of the ring. Ali knocks Veer off the apron, but Veer lands on his feet. Ali hits the ropes for a dive, but The Miz steps in front of him to start slowly counting Veer out. Ali yells at The Miz. Ali then turns into a Million Dollar Clothesline from Veer. Veer jumps on Ali’s back and applies the Cervical Clutch for the submission victory.

Winner by Submission: Veer Mahaan

Theory gets in the ring and takes a selfie with The Miz and Veer while standing over Ali. Miz tells Veer to clear the table. Veer starts to, but The Mysterios make their return. Rey and Dominik Mysterio knock Veer off the apron. Dominik dives onto Veer, but Veer catches him. Rey then finally takes Veer down with a seated senton off the apron! Veer is irate.

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 RAW Results: May 9, 2022
RAW Results: May 9, 2022   May 16th, 2022

At 10 o’clock Eastern, Theory will defend the WWE United States Championship against Cody Rhodes.

Kevin Patrick is standing on an old-school promo platform in the crowd and introduces WWE United States Champion Theory. Theory walks up to the platform. Patrick asks how he’s preparing to face a worthy opponent in Cody Rhodes after he defeated Seth “Freakin” Rollins twice. Theory says he’s just scratching the surface of his greatness. Theory was basically in diapers since the last time Rhodes was in WWE (it was six years ago). Theory doesn’t care about the past. It’s all about the future, and that’s Theory.

WWE United States Championship Cody Rhodes vs. Theory (c)

The bell rings, and Rhodes grabs the leg. Theory quickly hobbles to the corner and gets a break. Theory shoves Rhodes as he walks by him. Rhodes grabs the arm, but Theory pulls away. They lock up, and Rhodes applies a hammerlock. Theory turns it on him, so Rhodes takes him down for a Figure Four Leglock. Theory gets out before it’s close to being applied and gets to the ropes. They lock up, and Theory applies a side headlock. Rhodes whips him off, but Theory shoulder blocks him down. Theory does a Stardust cartwheel and pose to mock Rhodes. Rhodes kicks him in the midsection and drops down for an uppercut to get a two-count. Rhodes rolls him up for another two-count. Theory holds the ropes and elbows Rhodes in the eye. Rhodes fights back and drops Theory on the apron. Theory snaps Rhodes off the ropes and hits a rolling thunder dropkick for a one-count. Rhodes holds his eye.

Theory takes Rhodes down with a snapmare and hits a double stomp for a two-count. Theory applies a chin lock, but Rhodes throws him off. Theory quickly grounds him with a back elbow and pins him with a foot on the chest. Rhodes is furious and swings hard at him. Theory quickly whips Rhodes into the turnbuckle, and Rhodes collapses. Theory attacks the knee and hits a textbook suplex. Theory continues to attack Rhodes and tries for another suplex, but Rhodes blocks it. Rhodes hits a front suplex and dropkicks Theory down. Theory rolls to the apron, so Rhodes knocks him to the floor with a springboard kick to the head. Theory blocks a kick from the apron and sweeps the feet. Theory then pulls the cover off the commentary table. Theory pulls Rhodes out of the ring, but Rhodes viciously fights back with nasty chops and punches. Rhodes has him on the table, but Theory escapes and gets back into the ring.

We come back from the break to see Theory taking it to Rhodes. During the commercial, he turned Rhodes inside out with a clothesline. Back to live-action, Rhodes fights out. They each go for a running cross-body and crash and burn. Rhodes fights back and hits a flying forearm. Rhodes hits a snap powerslam for a near fall. Rhodes goes to the top rope and hits a moonsault block for another near fall. Rhodes is fired up. Theory fights back and hits a fisherman’s neckbreaker on his knee for a near fall. Rhodes is in a lot of pain.

Theory lifts Rhodes, but he slides off. Rhodes hits a Disaster Kick followed by a Cody Cutter. Rhodes sizes Theory up, but Seth “Freakin” Rollins attacks him from behind. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by Disqualification: Cody Rhodes

Rollins viciously attacks Rhodes and shouts that he’ll never take anything from him again. Rollins bounces him off the table a few times before hitting a Stomp on the table! Rhodes is unconscious.

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 RAW Results: May 2, 2022
RAW Results: May 2, 2022   May 3rd, 2022

The Miz welcomes everyone to Miz TV. Miz talks about his guest, who just came back last week on Raw. Mustafa Ali makes his way to the ring, but halfway down the ramp, his music stops. Ali chuckles. Miz pretends to be surprised that happened. Ali’s microphone doesn’t work. Miz talks about how Ali interrupted him trying to help Theory last week and makes fun of Ali for going to Twitter to complain. Ali grabs Miz’s microphone and says everyone is upset that Miz still works here. Miz goes to speak, but he’s using Ali’s silenced microphone.

WWE United States Champion Theory comes down to the ring. Theory says Mr. McMahon has agreed to give Ali a Championship Contender’s match… but it’s going to be a Handicap Match. Ali says if anyone can handle heat, it’s him.

2-on-1 Handicap Match: The Miz and WWE United States Champion Theory vs. Mustafa Ali

We join this match in progress. Miz is standing over Ali. Ali fights back and hits the ropes, but Theory pulls the ropes down. Ali flies out of the ring and lands on his back at ringside!

Theory tags in and takes it to Ali for a few moments. Miz tags in, but Ali fights back. Theory gets involved, and Miz hits Ali with a Skull Crushing Finale as he comes through the ropes for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Miz and Theory

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 RAW Results: April 25, 2022
RAW Results: April 25, 2022   April 26th, 2022

The Miz will have WWE United States Champion Theory on Miz TV next.

The Miz has WWE United States Champion Theory come to the ring. Miz puts him over as a United States Champion that is going to bring prestige back to the title. This prestige hasn’t been seen on that title in 12 years. Theory points out that Miz was champion 12 years ago. Theory puts Miz over. Miz says everyone will be coming for him as champion, but he can’t take every challenge.

Mustafa Ali makes a real surprise return. Miz and Theory make fun of him for trying to legitimately quit the company. Ali says he’s here on Raw and wants to take the United States Championship from Theory. Theory declines the challenge. Ali says he’s spineless and makes fun of The Miz. Theory defends Miz and says he just texted Mr. McMahon, who put Miz in a match with Ali. Miz is not happy. Miz says Ali will wish he got his walking papers. Ali slaps Miz in the face.


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