RAW Results: June 13, 2022
  June 14th, 2022

Bobby Lashley and WWE United States Champion Theory will have a Pose-Down later tonight.

Theory talks about beating Bobby Lashley in a pose-down that’s happening later tonight. Theory says he’s the best investment Mr. McMahon has ever made. In 20 years, his celebrations will surpass John Cena’s.

Theory makes his entrance.

WWE Official Adam Pearce is in the ring with Theory. This is the inaugural Theory Pose-Down. Pearce introduces Theory, who taunts the crowd. Theory is wearing a wireless microphone. Pearce then introduces Bobby Lashley.

Pearce says the winner will be decided by the WWE Universe. Theory says the rules were botched. This is his pose-down. Pearce orders Theory to get on the platform and pose. Theory does a double bicep, followed by a side chest, and ends with the most muscular. Lashley chuckles and politely claps. Theory continues to pose, so Lashley says he’s going to embarrass him here and then kick his ass in the ring. Lashley is going to take the title from him.

Lashley gets on the platform and shows off his impressive physique. The crowd oohs and aahs. Pearce asks the crowd is Theory won, but Theory shouts at them. They loudly boo him. Lashley gets the most cheers. Pearce declares Lashley the winner. Theory squeezes baby oil into Lashley’s face and dropkicks him out of the ring. Theory poses to end the show.

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