RAW Results: April 25, 2022
  April 26th, 2022

The Miz will have WWE United States Champion Theory on Miz TV next.

The Miz has WWE United States Champion Theory come to the ring. Miz puts him over as a United States Champion that is going to bring prestige back to the title. This prestige hasn’t been seen on that title in 12 years. Theory points out that Miz was champion 12 years ago. Theory puts Miz over. Miz says everyone will be coming for him as champion, but he can’t take every challenge.

Mustafa Ali makes a real surprise return. Miz and Theory make fun of him for trying to legitimately quit the company. Ali says he’s here on Raw and wants to take the United States Championship from Theory. Theory declines the challenge. Ali says he’s spineless and makes fun of The Miz. Theory defends Miz and says he just texted Mr. McMahon, who put Miz in a match with Ali. Miz is not happy. Miz says Ali will wish he got his walking papers. Ali slaps Miz in the face.


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