RAW Results: May 25, 2020
  May 26th, 2020

Back from the break and Seth Rollins is in the back. Rollins says tonight is a night of celebration. He has a Rey Mysterio mask. He shows us what happened to Rey two weeks ago when he used the corner of the steel steps to hurt Rey.

Rollins says he was in a dark, dark place then. He goes on about Rey presenting himself to be sacrificed that night, and fulfilling his duty for the greater good. He can’t imagine the pain Rey went through. Rollins goes on and says if that was Rey’s final act as a WWE Superstar then it allows us to move forward into the future. Austin Theory and Murphy appear with Rollins now. He introduces Theory as his newest disciple. He says Theory and Murphy understand what it’s like to be underappreciated as they were thrown away by the WWE Universe like he was. Rollins says their ceilings are limitless under his guidance. Murphy talks about how he needed a mentor and a leader, he needed The Monday Night Messiah to lead him into the future. He thanks Rollins.

Theory thought he came to RAW with the right people but when they abandoned him, The Monday Night Messiah found him. He thanks Rollins. Rollins says they are welcome but this is just the beginning of a great night because they will get to show Rey first-hand how he helped bring something good to RAW when they show Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black what happens when you get in their way.

Seth Rollins is backstage with Austin Theory and Murphy, holding Rey Mysterio’s mask. Back to commercial.

Austin Theory and Murphy vs. Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo

Back from the break and Seth Rollins’ music hits as he leads Austin Theory and Murphy to the ring. Rollins holds Rey Mysterio’s mask and stares at it. We see a replay of how Theory joined Rollins and Murphy last week. Out first comes Humberto Carrillo for his team. Aleister Black is out next.

Theory starts off with Carrillo and beats him into the corner. Murphy with a quick tag as he stomps away on Carrillo in the corner. Theory with a quick tag but Carrillo blocks the double suplex. Carrillo sends Murphy to the floor and then back-drops Theory onto him. Black tags in and goes to dive onto both opponents but they retreat and he puts on the brakes, taking a seat in the middle of the ring. Carrillo comes in and flies out, taking them both down on the floor for a pop.

Black unloads on Theory now as Rollins watches. Carrillo tags in for the double team from the top. Theory turns it around on Carrillo now, hitting a belly-to-back suplex out of the corner for a 2 count. Murphy comes in and unloads with kicks to Carrillo. Carrillo counters and drops Murphy. Carrillo and Murphy both crawl for tags as the developmental talents rally.

Black and Theory tag in at the same time. Black unloads. Murphy comes back but Black unloads with kicks. Black keeps control and nails a big kick to Theory’s face. Black shows off and hits a moonsault to Murphy, then sends him out of the ring. Theory rolls Black for a close 2 count. Black and Theory go at it now. Black drops Theory for a 2 count. Rollins looks concerned a ringside now. Carrillo tags in and goes to the top. Black goes to the opposite corner but Murphy knocks him off. Carrillo knocks Murphy off the apron to the floor. Carrillo turns around to The ATL from Theory for the pin to win.

Winners: Austin Theory and Murphy

After the match, Rollins comes in the ring to raise the arms of the winners. They go to the floor and launch Black into the timekeeper’s area. Rollins orders them to toss Carrillo to the floor because he needs to learn. They send him out and hold his face next to the corner of the steel steps. Black comes in the ring with a steel hair but Rollins warns him to back off or Carrillo loses an eye. Rollins knows they want to fight for Rey but Rey was sacrificed for the greater good and if they stay in Rollins’ way, what Rey was sacrificed for will be in vain. Rollins talks Black into throwing the chair out of the ring. Rollins warns Black and Carrillo that he will sacrifice them the way he did Rey if they keep pushing him. Rollins, Theory and Murphy head to the back as Black checks on Carrillo. Rollins stares at Rey’s mask on the stage.

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