RAW Results: May 18, 2020
  May 19th, 2020

We see recent happenings with Zelina Vega’s stable. She is backstage now as Andrade, Austin Theory and Angel Garza are arguing. Vega yells and says she’s sick of this. She says they will get on the same page tonight. She asks Andrade if he understands and he says he is the champion. She takes this as a yes. Garza understands. Theory says, “Yes ma’am.” We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Kevin Owens for The Kevin Owens Show.

Tom welcomes Owens back. Owens jokingly thanks Natalya for what she did to the set. Owens talks about being away following his WrestleMania 36 No DQ win over Seth Rollins and says he is back, he’s better and he’s ready to go. Owens brings out his guests – Zelina Vega, Austin Theory, Angel Garza and WWE United States Champion Andrade. Owens apologizes for the mess in the ring. He goes to comment on why he wanted the group on the show and Vega interrupts. She says Owens was hoping for a Jerry Springer moment with her group.

Vega is sick of everyone looking for dysfunction in her group and thinking her empire is falling apart. She praises Andrade first, then Garza. She also praises Theory and then herself as the best the business has seen in a long time. Vega says they all came from the streets and they survived. The streets weren’t made for everyone, which is why they made sidewalks for people like Owens. Owens reveals that he has another guest for tonight. The music hits and out comes Apollo Crews making his return.

Crews hits the ring and takes Andrade down, unloading on him. Theory and Garza get involved but so does Owens as we go back to commercial.

Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens vs. Andrade and Angel Garza

Back from the break and Apollo Crews unloads on Angel Garza. Crews with a big suplex. Kevin Owens tags in and goes to work on Garza, nailing a big senton. Owens taunts WWE United States Champion Andrade as he looks on from the apron.

Andrade and Garza turn it around on Owens. Andrade comes in and nails a running big boot to the head. Andrade stomps away in the corner now. Apollo distracts Andrade and they have words. Owens comes out of the corner with a big clothesline to Andrade. Andrade with big chops to Andrade now. Owens kicks Andrade and in comes Crews off the tag. Andrade quickly tags out. Crews unloads on Garza and still gets in a big shot on Andrade.

Crews looks to put Garza away but Zelina Vega distracts from the apron. This leads to Austin Theory trying to interfere from ringside but it backfires as Theory rocks Andrade with a forearm instead of Crews. Crews follows up with the big sitdown powerbomb to Garza for the pin to win.

Winners: Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens

After the match, Apollo’s music hits and they celebrate as we go to replays. Vega and her team are in the ring now talking about what happened. Theory says it was an accident. Vega isn’t so sure, it sounds like. Andrade attacks from behind and drops Theory. Garza joins in and they double team Theory as Vega watches. Theory is beaten up at ringside now. Theory tries to fight back but they keep control. Vega says she should’ve never believed in Theory. She smacks him as the other two hold him. They toss Theory into some steel chairs and Andrade throws another at him to end the segment.

Aleister Black vs. Murphy

We go back to the ring and out comes Aleister Black. He’s in a hurry and ready to fight. Murphy and Seth Rollins watch from the ring.

Black hits the ring and unloads, rocking Murphy into the corner. Murphy decks him coming out of the corner. The referee backs them off but they just keep fighting. We see Austin Theory still down at ringside from the beating he just took. Seth Rollins stares down at Theory. Murphy and Black keep going at it. Murphy turns it around after ducking a big kick, which forced Black to kick the ring post.

More back and forth in the ring now. Black and Murphy both go down in the middle. Rollins offers a hand to Theory and helps him up at ringside. They stare at each other and Theory doesn’t look so sure of Rollins. Black and Murphy tangle and Black nails a big knee. Black goes to hit Black Mass on Murphy but Rollins apparently orders him into the ring. Theory rushes into the ring and attacks Black for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Aleister Black

After the bell, Rollins also enters the ring. He looks on as Black gets double teamed by Theory and Murphy now. Murphy with a big knee to Black’s face. Rollins gives more commands as Theory drops Black with the ATL in the middle of the ring. Rollins walks over to Theory and hugs him as Murphy looks on. Rollins has a new disciple. The music hits as he embraces them. We go back to commercial with Rollins embracing Theory again.

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