RAW Results: April 20, 2020
  April 21st, 2020

We go right to the ring and out first comes WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Tom hypes Drew vs. Angel Garza for tonight’s main event.

Drew welcomes us to RAW and says this is truly the highlight of his week. He brings up last week’s attack by Seth Rollins and how the WWE Title paints a huge bullseye on his back. Drew goes on about Rollins deserving a title shot or not. He could make Rollins jump through hoops but he is one of the best and if Drew is going to be one of the best champs of all-time, he has to continue to beat the best. He challenges Rollins for Money In the Bank. Drew goes on until Zelina Vega comes out with Garza and Austin Theory to interrupt.

Vega says they’re tired of Drew’s speeches. He’s so focused on Money In the Bank that he’s looking past tonight’s main event. WWE United States Champion Andrade attacks with a cheap shot but Drew ends up leveling him with a Claymore. Vega orders Garza and Theory to the ring but they’re not interested. Vega is furious. Drew delivers another Claymore to send Andrade out of the ring. Drew stands tall with the WWE Title as his music hits. He says he’s going to beat the hell out of Garza later tonight. We get a replay of what just happened.

The announcers hype the unique Money In the Bank matches from WWE HQ and tonight’s qualifying matches. We go to commercial.

Money In the Bank Qualifying Match: Austin Theory vs. Aleister Black

Back from the break and Austin Theory is in the ring for tonight’s first Money In the Bank qualifier. Zelina Vega is on commentary as we see a MITB briefcase hanging high above the ring. Aleister Black makes his way out.

Back and forth to start the match as they lock up. Black takes Theory down first and grounds him. Theory drops Black a few times and shows off while he’s down. Theory avoids a leg sweep and lands more strikes. Black comes right back and sends him to the apron. Black goes for Black Mass but Theory dodges it, landing on the floor. Black charges and hits Theory through the ropes.

Vega gets up from commentary and talks trash to Black from the ramp. Theory takes advantage of the distraction and launches Black into the barrier. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Theory works Black around. Black comes back and drops Theory. More back and forth between the two. Black blocks the ATL. They trade more strikes and Black pulls Theory into a triangle on the arm. Black goes for the armbar but Theory powers up and down into an one-arm sitdown powerbomb. Theory gets up first but Black blocks a suplex as Theory sells an arm injury.

Black strikes but Theory blocks him. Black pulls Theory down into another roll-up for 2. Black mounts more offense with strikes now. Black with a running knee to the face. Black with the middle rope moonsault for a close 2 count. More back and forth with counters and strikes. Theory with a big kick to the face. Theory drives Black down over his knee for another 2 count.

Theory goes for the ATL again but Black makes it to the apron. Black rocks Theory and goes to the top but has to roll through. Black comes right back with a big knee to the face. Black with a German suplex for a close 2 count. Theory avoids Black Mass again. They tangle and Black nails Black Mass for the pin to advance to Money In the Bank.

Winner: Aleister Black

Drew McIntyre vs. Angel Garza

Back from the break and out comes Angel Garza with Zelina Vega, Austin Theory and WWE United States Champion Andrade. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is out next for tonight’s non-title main event.

The bell rings and they go at it to start. Theory with a distraction early on, allowing Garza to strike. Drew hits a big belly-to-belly early on, sending Garza out. Drew follows and keeps control as Vega looks on. Drew drops Garza over the barrier and hits him with big chops. They tangle on the floor and Drew hits a big Glasgow Kiss headbutt. Theory comes from behind but Drew drops him. Garza takes advantage, nailing a dropkick off the steel steps.

Garza with more offense at ringside, sending Drew into the ring post a few times. Garza brings it back in the ring and nails a big dropkick from the top. Garza with a 1 count. Garza unloads on Drew while he’s down. Garza focuses on the leg now, pounding on Drew while locking the leg up. Drew takes a kick and nails a clothesline. Drew with an elbow to take Garza back off, then a big boot to the forehead.

Vega cheers Garza on as Drew goes to the top. Drew with a flying strike from the top. Drew kips up and waits in the corner now. Drew yells at Garza to get up. Garza tries to escape the ring but Drew stops him, only pulling his tights off to reveal his trunks. Drew leaps out, landing on all three heels at ringside. Drew brings Garza back in, then sends Andrade over the barrier. Drew with a Claymore to Theory on the floor.

Drew returns to the ring and rams Garza into the corner. Drew with the big Alabama Slam but Garza counters, rolling him for a 2 count. They go at it and Drew connects with a big Claymore Kick for the pin to win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the match, Drew stands tall as his music hits. Drew raises the WWE Title as the referee raises his arm. We go to replays. The announcers hype Rollins vs. McIntyre for Money In the Bank. We see Garza getting back to his feet int he ring. Drew drops him with another Claymore. Drew talks trash to Vega. Theory comes back in but Drew drops him with a Claymore. Drew chases Andrade up the ramp and stops him from running away with the WWE Title belt as the music hits. RAW goes off the air with Drew smiling with the title on the ramp.

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